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NU Writing Talks 2021: Inaugural Edition (April 3, 10, 17, and 24)




Panel 1 (Saturday, April 3): Putting Philosophy Into Practice: The Student Experience in the Writing Process


Overview: This panel introduces the principles and practices of the core writing course for first-year students at NU. The course is designed to develop genre awareness, metacognitive reflections and student agency at all stages of the writing process, supported by student-student and student-instructor collaboration within a discourse community.


Panel 2

Panel 2 (Saturday, April 10): Creative Writing in Academia: More than An Elective Practice

Overview: Creative writing is often regarded as a practice that only benefits humanities majors. But the truth is creative writing offers all students, especially non-native speakers, essential skills in language proficiency, close reading, critical thinking and peer instruction. This panel focuses on the varied possibilities of teaching creative writing in higher education.


Panel 3

Panel 3 (Saturday, April 17): Undergraduate Peer Writing Tutors and Collaborative Learning

Overview: Undergraduate Writing Fellows are trained and embedded as peer writing tutors in disciplinary courses to provide constructive written and oral feedback of students’ essay drafts. In this panel, Writing Center instructors, a disciplinary professor, and a student will share their pedagogies, tutoring approaches, and student projects related to this collaborative teaching and learning process. 


Panel 4

Panel 4 (Saturday, April 24): Genre and Agency in Graduate Writing 

Overview: There are multiple genre-based pedagogical approaches to teaching writing for academic and research purposes at the graduate level. This panel will discuss some approaches we use in our courses and Writing Center tutorials, and what evidence there is for their effectiveness in enhancing graduate students’ rhetorical, linguistic, and academic agency.


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