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Writing Across Curriculum

What is WAC at NU?


WAC stands for “Writing across the curriculum.” It is an idea that builds on the knowledge that students will continue writing well beyond their first year of rhetoric/composition class and throughout their coursework and throughout their lives. We believe that it is the responsibility of all of us in the faculty to ensure that students learn to write deeply and to develop as writers in their time at Nazarbayev University.


What WAC Provides


We provide several types of support to faculty for integrating writing into the curriculum of all departments at NU, including:

  • Peer-to-peer observation (the opportunity for exchanges of collective knowledge by observing WAC trained faculty)

  • Strategy support (one-on-one consultations; discussions, brainstorming)

  • Follow-up resources

  • Review of class materials (writing prompts; rubrics; in-class exercises)




Below you will soon be able to find links to exercises and handouts for both faculty and students

  • For Faculty: to be embedded Rubrics; best practices; close-reading strategies

  • For Faculty and Students: to be embedded Pre-Writing strategies; Avoiding plagiarism;


Want to Know more?

Get in touch with the WAC team at

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